the man behind the microphones

Hey! I’m Brian Flood, and I really appreciate you checking out my work.

It all started with piano lessons; then came a janky 4-track recorder in college, where I recorded a bunch of really catchy songs that are sadly long gone. After studying Musicology and Music Tech at NYU, a fortuitous Audio Post internship brilliantly de-mystified, then promptly re-mystified the art of mixing. I pivoted to Production Sound (recording sound on film sets) in order to network and meet filmmakers. Five whirlwind years of indie shorts, features and travel docs went by before I gradually began returning to Post.

Now I mix, sound design and compose in my Pro Tools HD-based studio where Astoria meets LIC, for past and present clients including Google, Hyatt, New York City Ballet, Nike, Viceland, Refinery29, as well as many NYC-based production companies and independent filmmakers.  Several films I’ve mixed have premiered at Tribeca, SXSW, Lower East Side and London Independent Film Festivals, among others. I’m also currently co-developing a new NYC-based podcast called “Disposable”, about the things we throw away.

Enough about me! Let’s connect and work together on your next film, pilot, podcast, or all the above. Cheers.


tel: 732.915.9236


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