the man behind the microphones

Hey! I’m Brian Flood, and I appreciate the visit.

It all started with piano lessons; then came a janky 4-track recorder in college, where I recorded a bunch of really catchy songs that are sadly long gone. After studying Musicology and Music Tech at NYU, a fortuitous internship at an Audio Post house brilliantly de-mystified, then promptly re-mystified the art of mixing. I later pivoted to Production Sound (recording sound on set) in order to network and meet filmmakers. Five whirlwind years of indie shorts, features and travel docs went by before I gradually began returning to Post sound.

Now I mix, sound design and compose in my Pro Tools HD-based studio where Astoria meets LIC, for many NYC-based indie filmmakers, as well as commercial, documentary and non-profit clients including New York City Ballet, Google, Viceland, AllianceBerstein, Hyatt, Nike, and Refinery29, among others.

Films I’ve mixed have premiered at Tribeca, SXSW, NewFest, Lower East Side, London Independent Film Festivals, among others; and a couple this past year have been graced by the venerable Vimeo Staff Pick. I’m also currently co-developing a new NYC-based podcast called “Disposable”, about the things we throw away.

But enough about me – Let’s connect and talk about your next film, pilot, podcast (or all the above) that needs just the right mix to become precisely what you’ve heard in your head since Page 1, Draft 1.


tel: 732.915.9236


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