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A+E Presents "History This Week"

Webby 2022 Nominee for Best Series and Honoree for Original Music Score / Best Sound Design

Sound Design, Mix, Music Editing

“History This Week” explores one significant historical phenomenon each week.  I’ve sound designed, mixed and music edited many episodes since Season 1 kicked off in early 2020.  Here are some of my favorite works:

March 12, 1888:

The Birth of the NYC Subway

Feb 13, 1920:

Black Baseball Goes Pro

May 7st, 1824:

The Premiere of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

August 11, 1973:

The Birth of Hip-Hop

July 15, 1945:

The Trinity Tests / Robert Oppenheimer

October 11th, 1995:

The Sky Is Falling

May 31st, 1889:

The Jonestown Flood