my studio/gear

    • iMac + Pro Tools 12 HD + Avid Omni Interface

    • Avid Artist Mix 8-fader control surface.

    • Studio Monitors: 3x Genelec 8030b + 2x Genelec 8010

    • Field Recording: Zaxcom Nomad 10 and Zoom H6

    • Microphones: Sennheiser 416 and Schoeps CMC4

    • Plug-ins:  Izotope RX6 and Waves Gold Bundle for Audio Restoration/Repair, EQ/Dynamics/Mastering, and Metering

    • Sample libraries: Edward Ultimate Suite, Spitfire Audio, EastWest, and Native Instrument Komplete 10

    • Instruments: 88-weighted-key Electric Piano; Novation Bass Station 2; Korg Volca Series; Yamaha Reface CS synth; Fender Telecaster; Ernie Bass Music Man Sterling bass; Kremona nylon-string guitar; baritone ukelele; shakers from around the globe