my studio/gear


  • OS X 10.10 iMac with 2x additional monitors

  • Pro Tools 12.7 HD powered by an AVID Omni interface

  • Avid Artist Mix 8-fader control surface.

  • 2x Genelec 8030b monitors

  • Zaxcom Nomad 10 and Zoom H6 handheld recorder for location sound/ambient field recording

  • Sennheiser 416, Schoeps CMC4, and Beyerdynamic MC836 hypercardioid and shotgun mics

  • Izotope RX5, Waves Gold Bundle plug-ins

  • Spitfire AudioEastWest and Native Instrument Komplete 10 sample libraries

  • 88-weighted-key Electric Piano, Korg Volca Keys and Yamaha Reface CS synths, as well as electric guiar and bass, classical nylon-string guitar, and baritone ukelele