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“Same Boat” is now available on iTunes

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Back in 2018 I teamed up with Christ Roberti and Josh Itzkowitz to mix and sound design their micro-budget sci-fi rom-com, “Same Boat”, filmed secretly on a cruise ship(!) about a time-traveling assassin from the 29th century who falls in love with his target.

I loved working on this one. A huge contributor was Chris and Josh’s open-minded and trusting attitude throughout the whole process. Working on a rugged indie movie shot secretly on-location presented lots of challenges come mix time, and each one involved an unexpectedly creative solution, at one point even requiring me to re-record the Karaoke music, where I got to use stock sample libraries I never thought I’d ever use! Even recording the ADR was fun on this one.

Here’s a lovely review from the Hollywood Reporter.

And here’s a link on iTunes.

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