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“Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” Podcast

Earlier in 2019 I sound-designed, mixed and co-scored the ten-episode fiction podcast “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” for Audible, which is now available here.  Created by Maeve Higgins and Shaina Feinberg, “Aliens” tells a very timely, character-driven story about the fraught experience of immigrants, refugees, Dreamers and even non-white native-born in New York City.  Co-creator Maeve Higgins, known for hosting the immigrant-centric documentary podcast “Maeve in America” recently visited the Brian Lehrer Show to discuss “Aliens”.

Since recording and mixing a never-to-be-released comedy radio show pilot ten years ago, this was my first and long-awaited 100% audio story-telling project, and particularly the largest project I’ve ever mixed, clocking in at about 300 minutes!

Bringing these performances to life, from the early stages of cutting dialog, to recording and building ambient layers, was incredibly satisfying and fun.  I felt like a painter on this one, creating a world around the subjects, giving their story the weight it deserved, and the context it needed to be impactful.  As simple as adding a pause to two characters’ footsteps during a long walk-and-talk scene is enough to convey awkwardness between two characters – a freedom you couldn’t take on a visual piece – but a really effective way to tell their story beyond the dialog, which I feel was precisely what I was there to do. Luckily, working with frequent collaborator Shaina Feinberg on this one, a lot of those choices were encouraged and we’re proud of the result.

I’m thrilled to say another long-form fiction podcast for Audible is in the works for Fall of this year.

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