2018 is half-way done, but the glass is half full.

“Disposable” Season One Trailer, written by Katie Gray, mixed and scored by myself, Brian Flood.

Late in 2017 I wrote a Facebook post in large font with some catchy background: “Anyone want to develop a podcast together? I’m a recordist, mixer, sound designer and composer.” Something like that. I got a lot of replies. The first one I responded to was to Katie Gray, who wrote and produced the “The Paper Store” (with Penn Badgley and Stef Dawson) in 2014, which I recorded on set. Katie is herself an accomplished playwright, producer and podcast maven. My gut reaction was right: Katie had a superb idea for the podcast and the experience to get it to market. Her recent curiosity about the vast underworld of Waste and Consumption in NYC (and why almost no one seems to know or ask questions about it) spawned “Disposable“, a podcast about the things we throw away.

The first episode will focus on the infamous Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island, and the significance of the closure of a landfill three times the size of Central Park in what many experts consider the “most wasteful city in the world.” We spent the winter interviewing current and former DSNY administrators, Parks Dept. officials, S.I. Residents, and one scientist who grew up on S.I. and is currently studying the landfill site’s return to a natural state. Future episodes will focus on Recycling, Compost, and Private Carters, just to name a few. Our goal is to learn for ourselves precisely how we (everyone) is handling Waste wrong, and how we can dispose of Waste smarter and send even less of it to landfills, by talking to experts in every facet of Waste Disposal.


amy schumer

The second amazing podcast opportunity I landed this year was mixing the first four episodes for Amy Schumer’s new podcast “3 Girls, 1 Keith” for Spotify. I was often heard cackling loudly from the opposite end of my apartment while I mixed these. Hope I get to do more of these this year!



“Dinette”, Official Selection, Tribeca N.O.W. Episodic Showcase

One year after the premiere of Shaina Feinberg’s “Shiva” at Tribeca’s N.O.W. Showcase in 2017, I got mix the pilot episode of her latest web series “Dinette”, which also premiered at Tribeca this year. Produced with support form BRIC, Dinette is “a series of vignettes focused on a group of diverse female and gender non-conforming friends reuniting for a wedding as they explore relationships with each other, the world and themselves.” I promise to share once the pilot is available online.  Shaina and the Bankrukt team are possibly my favorite filmmakers I get to mix for, and with each new work they produce, their style becomes even more charming, sophisticated and uniquely funny.  (Since “Dinette”, I’ve been working on newer works of theirs which I cannot share yet, but stay tuned.)

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