Ad of the Day: Hyatt Regency celebrates Hotel of Hope’s 50th anniversary

September! Personally I love September – I don’t lament the end of summer, I embrace the exhilarating cooling off of everything (I’m in NYC), the promise of a busy rest of the year, Oscar season, Halloween (yup, still enjoy Halloween) and sure, Thanksgiving’s pretty awesome too, but that’s a way’s off.

As summer comes to an end I wanted to share my audio mix highlights of this summer. The first one that launched online is called “Hotel of Hope”. Check it out here:

I feel very lucky to’ve gotten the call to work on this. When I first watched the unmixed reference I got that jolt of confidence and excitement to have the opportunity to do what I love to do – make things sound awesome – to a piece that had immense, inspirational potential.

Hyatt and the Atlantic teamed up to celebrate Hyatt’s 50th anniversary, whose auspicious beginnings intersected with the Civil Rights movement in the summer of 1967, when they became impromptu hosts to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s 10th anniversary convention.  Leaders of this convention were being turned down from other venues and so Hyatt opening it’s arms gave it the name “Hotel of Hope”, and even signaled the beginning of a subtle positive shift to the leaders of the movement.

In this inspired short, Tank Ball (from Tank and the Bangas – do check them out) visits the same lobby in which Hyatt warmly provided civil rights protestors to gather 50 years ago today (while they were still under construction!), and performs the spoken word piece “Come Together”.  It’s a powerful, classy, and eloquent tribute to the heros of the Civil Rights struggle, and it’s also a superb ad.

More about this piece can be found on, where it was rated Ad of the Day shortly after it launched in late August.

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  1. john j flood September 11, 2017 / 7:35 am

    Great Job son . . . . . .

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