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The Return of Floodmix

Well, I never really went anywhere, I just got a new font and catch-phrase, and most importantly, a new STUDIO.   I finally have a dedicated mix room in my new apartment in Astoria/LIC, complete with Pro Tools 12 HD, Genelec monitors, a couple extra screens and faders, DIY bass traps (!), some miniature synths, and most importantly – the client couch.  I’ve even built some double plexi-paned sound-proofing panels custom-fitted to my windows to get it nice and quiet in here.  The final project is a formal VO booth.

And I’m officially dedicating myself professionally to Audio Post and Composition.  Yup, it’s official.  Of course I’ll still be still be working on set – I can’t quite say goodbye to Production, I love my long-time clients, and the friendships and experiences that set life brings.  But my ambition now is to put Post on the front burner.

And I’ve set another new goal for myself – weekly posts, either writing something or sharing a recording.  I’ll lean towards recordings over writing, because that’ll be more challenging (and possibly) more interesting.

Talk to you soon and thanks for checking out the renovations!

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