“It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise”

Last Summer I had the opportunity to work alongside some mega-talented documentary filmmakers on a charming documentary project about Hilary Knight, the illustrator of “Eloise”. A major part of the documentary was co-producer Lena Dunham, a long-time admirer of Hilary Knight’s work and, by the completion of our filming, a dear friend of Hilary himself. Straight from HBO’s site:

“This documentary short finds Hilary Knight looking back on his life as an artist and his connection to the immensely popular Eloise books, written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Knight. For 60 years, Eloise – the precocious six year-old who lives in New York’s Plaza Hotel – has charmed her way into the hearts of young readers, one of them being actress/director/writer Lena Dunham, whose Eloise tattoo led to a friendship with Knight, a creative kindred spirit.”

It premiered in late March on HBO and, yes, I got to watch it with my family, after which I was given a very special applause when my name appeared in the credits.

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