Film Composition Reel, 2014

It’s been years in the making, but I’ve finally put together a reel of my favorite composition work from the past couple of years. It showcases my work on primarily narrative film and animation. To state the obvious, I’m trying to book more work as a film composer! It’s hard to pick a favorite, so I’ll just talk about pretty much all of them. (No pressure to keep reading…)

The first track is from an intern project in my early days in post production, back in 2006 at Flavorlab. “The Team” was an animated series for SpikeTV, a sort of Archer pre-cursor. One of our early assignments was to sound design and mix a random episode. While I was at it I recorded this fun, psychedelic number.

The second track is an untitled piece for the international feature, “Once Upon A Time in Bolivia” (2013). Of the several others honors and awards, it won Best International Feature at London International Film Festival this past fall. Director Patrick Cordova hired me to sound design and mix it. In the process we realized this scene desperately needed a track that underscored the desolation, restlessness and ambiguity experienced by the two main characters in this pivotal scene.

The third track is from a short called “The Jacket”. A bit of a political/psych thriller.

The fourth track is titled “A Brunette” and I’m sort of “borrowing” the clip from Submarine (2010) because I love it and it’s precisely the kind of moment the track is written for. I have plans to shoot a music video for it with some friends, but until then, this is how I want people to listen to it.

The fifth track, two short little moments, are actually “vines”, animated by my friend Andy Basore for Illy, the espresso company. I wish I could’ve written an entire 2-3 minute track, but alas, a vine is only a 6-second loop.

And finally, the last track, for “Woo Woo” (2013). The first short film I fully scored from opening to closing credits. I like to think this track really strengthened my composition skills, mainly because it’s a bit unusual and it really nails the black-and-white period piece – it’s short, kind of wry, minimal and it’s as curious and introverted as the opening of the film.

If you’re still reading – I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share it and pass it on! 2014 will be the year I truly take off as a film composer!


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  1. John J February 22, 2014 / 8:18 am

    Finally a proper update…… Great !
    Questions Quigly had even more questions after viewing your latest update…. LOL

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