A few weeks ago I had the hilarious privilege of working with the brilliant crew from PERIODS. (Check out www.periodsfilms.com)

Created by Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci two years ago, PERIODS is historical comedy/period shorts. Sometimes they parody a classic work of literature or film (Deerhunter, Ethan Frome); and other times, they take one part history and one part reality TV and end up with something like “FOPS”. (You’ll get the pun within the first 10 seconds.)

The making of “FOPS” also symbolized some progress for the PERIODS family. When I first arrived and introduced myself to everyone, I was given delightful mock-praise for being their first genuine sound-guy. Also, “FOPS” features actor Wille Garson, who you may have seen on Sex in the City as Carrie’s friend Stanford, and most recently on White Collar.

Working on this was a blast mostly because everyone from the PERIODS family is just down-to-earth funny and positive. Shooting a short under 6 hours, fully improvised, run-and-gun style can be quite stressful on a crew, but by virtue of their awesome-ness, everyone made sure the process was precisely what it should be — fun as hell. They also appreciate good sound, which makes me thrilled to do my job.

(Again, check out www.periodsfilms.com)

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