2012, baby.

Howdy!   It’s been quite a while since my last post.  Ironically, the busier I get, the more of a slacker this blog makes me look.  There’s been no slacking over here, that’s for sure.  Here are my top five highlights of the final quarter of what was a really, really great year in the FloodMix galaxy:

#5 “Winning and Grinning”…

I recorded an interview with basketball legend Walt Frazier for a French web-zine called “Street Legends”. About his Puma Clyde sneakers. (…gotta love the French.)  Check it out here, it’s neat.

#4 No More Mixing…

The audio mix for “No More” is complete and the film is now being color-corrected. A great short — it’s funny, heart-felt, and very original.

#3 The Dark Side…

I started scoring the 12 min. thriller “Best Day” and I’m currently pumping out some really dark music to drive this especially dark and tragic short film.  (If you recall, this was the first short film I worked on as a location sound-man.) I’ve never really had an opportunity to write and record intense, dark and weighty instrumental music.  After all, I’m more of the romantic-type. So far, it’s shockingly awesome.

#2 Ennio Would Be Proud…

I Sound-Designed and Scored the short film “Blacktree”, directed by italian filmmaker Pia Fanigliulo, which won a Jury Prize at the Tuscia Film Festival this past November. Prior to that, it was screened at the CalArts Film Directing Showcase in October. I will post a clip of my favorite scene soon…

#1 Like Old Times…

I co-produced, recorded, arranged, mixed, and performed on Michele Riganese’s EP “Kaleidoscope”. It is now released! Yup, that’s me playing mando, a little electric 6-string, sampled wurlitzer and rhodes, and tons of multi-guiro. Check it out:

Now, onto 2012!

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