“No More”, directed by Andy Torraco

I recently covered Sound on the comedy/drama short “No More”, written and directed by Andy Torraco, in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. I was invited to this awesome project by Director of Photography Sandy Chase, an accomplished Animator, Producer/Documentarian, and owner of Fluidfilm.

The story of the short centers around Bertha and her womanizing ex-boyfriend who desperately returns to get her back. Bertha, weak at first, indulges his persistence and a drama ensues through the chain-lock of her slightly-ajar apartment door. Bertha, however, has a much more pressing problem: her toilet is clogged and she’s waiting for the plumber to show up. When he finally does — right in the middle of their drama — she conspires with the plumber to act like her “new” boyfriend, and in the process, shake of her ex-boyfriend and crush his spirits. Her scheme works and we see a ray of strength in Bertha, but in the end, she is plenty crushed herself.

The shoot was dense (one day, 12 hours), fun (all-star group of people) and — most importantly — a superb crash course in logistics for sound coverage. The biggest obstacle for this shoot was the location itself: a tight, railroad-style NY apartment with a considerable amount of shooting in the stairwell and doorway. Great sound required careful booming and skillful lavaliere-miking when the boom was impractical or simply impossible to use.

Editing has commenced and I look forward to sharing the final product with you at the end of the summer.

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