EL CHICO BLANCO ~ Live at Domaine Wine Bar

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“Little Chinese Sandwiches”


“Desert Therapy”

“Season Pass to Smash Park”


“The Story of El Chico Blanco, part I”

“The Story of El Chico Blanco, part II”

“The Story of El Chico Blanco, part III”

“The Story of El Chico Blanco, part IV”

Every Tuesday in April, 2010, nestled in the back corner of a quaint french wine bar in Long Island City, Steve Blanco, Anthony Riscica and Geoff Gersh pumped out these tunes completely on the fly, with me at the helm of my Roland VS-1880 recording it all. When the month was over, the band continued to play each Tuesday while I mixed them in my home studio. By summer, they were in the hands of mastering engineer Brian Quill at Flavorlab. Sadly, the boys disbanded a few months ago, which makes this all the more special.

I’m super proud to have been a key part of this album. And it’s not simply because I enjoy their music, but because this rare sort of improvisatory, acoustic-shred-ambient-jam music (whatever you want to call it!) would’ve been merely a relic of a memory by now, had I not recorded it. (Needless to say, they didn’t record a studio album, or any other live album.)

This past summer, I’d often stop by Domaine to see them and I’d tell Steve how I wish I could record every performance of theirs. They were getting better at their craft too — inventing more and more creative licks; communicating cleverly; and reaching a cohesive song quicker and with less meandering in between. If they re-band, I can imagine them getting big in the jam scene, their fans obsessively recording each show, much like the way Phish-heads would do, and all the Dead-heads before them.

Something tells me this summer they’ll get back together. If I’m right, do yourself a favor and look these guys up. You’ll definitely see me there!

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