The Premiere Murderfist Radio Sketch Show

Check it out! (Promo)

Music & Mix by myself, Voice-over by Logan Cunningham

Village Voice’s Best Sketch Group of 2010 hits the digital airwaves in Winter 2011 with Murderfist Broadcasting System (WMBS for short.) Set in post-apocalyptic Earth, WMBS is the last remaining radio station on the planet, playing the world’s last and only radio show. If you’ve ever seen Murderfist live (if you haven’t, DO IT) you know you’re in for a wild and irreverent joyride through time.

This first episode moves as if trapped in a buggy time machine, concluding in the dystopic future present where people get “splorched” and employers skip firing you and just have you eliminated with help from Population Control. You’ll also catch some brilliant nonsense from deviant popcorn vendors, homeless and drug-addled street-poets, Midwestern bowling legends, and one poorly-engineered robot clone of a man named Richie.

I was recruited by producer Marcus Parks back in spring 2010 to handle the post mix and sound design (music and sound effects) for all the sketches. It was a huge and fun-as-hell undertaking, crafting locations and physical effects, as well writing one parody musical number: an infectious, cheesed-out sports show theme song with timpani hits.

The promo has been in rotation in several of Marcus’ podcasts and the WMBS show will hit the airwaves shortly. Stay tuned!

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