The Hand-Me-Downs

Hello! So I’ve taken a little break from the blog; pardon my absence. Since my last post I’ve been regrouping a little bit, developing new projects and collaborations; scrimping and saving for some much-needed software and gear; and pretty much workin’ like a dog on the Mexicue food truck.

One of the fruits of my labor is the Hand-Me-Downs, a songwriter-producer duo of myself and Doug Austin, a twangin’ Florida-native songwriter buddy of mine. About four months ago he approached me about getting together to jam on a few of his tunes. At the time I was looking for something new and I was actually picking up mandolin, so great timing, I thought.

We originally got together with the hopes of forming a full band and performing live. But after a few rehearsals on his roof, it occurred to me: Why don’t I record and produce these tunes, add all kinds of instruments, and we’ll release an EP together? Sort of start backwards, eh? I figure life is too short to spend months and months putting together a band (plus solidifying loads of tunes, book shows, promote, etc.) when I’ve got a room full of instruments and the magic of multitrack recording in my apartment!

Here is a preview of our soon-to-be-released EP “Suspicious Ponies”, a track titled “Storm Inside”:

It’s written and sang by Doug. He also plays guitar and harmonica. I played bass, kick drum, mandolin, accordian and tambourine. Together we clapped.

There are three more to go. Two are finished, awaiting mastering; the last track is still being recording. We hope to release the album shortly before Christmas. It will be free until that big day (or possibly New Year’s, depends on how generous we’re feeling.) Big thanks to Brian Quill for his mastering, as well as Chris and Masami for their superb work on the photography.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ve enjoyed the track, and stay tuned for more!

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