Upcoming Projects!

“And now… we wait…”

Right I’m patiently waiting for two projects to be done and done, so to speak.  One is the mastering of El Chico Blanco.  The other is a short film I worked on with Village-based actor/filmmaker Jessica Kaye (who just took off for LA, for film school.)  The film is basically my “premiere” as a Foley Artist.

Right now I’m gearing up for two new projects.  Funny enough, they’re both with artists that have been “floodmixed”.  The first one is with Michele Riganese (she was the very first post of floodmix.com.)  I’ll be recording and co-producing her second EP, a more stripped-down, DIY effort; following her first EP, which had more of a commercial sound.  She came to the right guy, seeing as my idea was to record the album on my portable digital 8-track in her living room.  And it’ll be amazing, you watch.  I’m looking forward to providing some backing instrumentation (acoustic guitar, hand percussion, mandolin) as well as (maybe!) a string arrangement performed by actual string players.  Michele used Rockethub.com to fund her project and she met her goal with 54 days left!  All additional funds coming in right now are, as they say, “gravy”.

The second project is with Martin Kelley, who I recorded sort of by accident back in June.  He was so pleased with my recording of “St. Thomas” that he asked me to record an evening of himself and his ensemble perform at Ten10 Studios, a really cozy art space in Long Island City, in October 2010.  I’m very psyched about this new project because Martin really puts together great ensembles; and he’s really all about creating vibes, which I hope to capture that night.  It’s also in a new space, so that means new recording challenges.  Lastly, he wants to turn the entire night into one album, which I find kind of special — no “do-overs” and no “well, let’s chop that part out…”   As a result, the final mixing will require an even more “big-picture” perspective — as if a 12 minute jazz track doesn’t have enough of that.

Be back soon!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects!

  1. Dave September 2, 2010 / 6:24 pm


    I didn’t realize you were recording these guys. The TRON soundtrack rocks!

  2. floodmix September 3, 2010 / 4:04 pm

    Cheers dave!

    I can’t wait till the mastering is done… you will love this album. Lots of jamming, but pretty interesting stuff. It goes from spaced-out, to heavy, to soulful… lots of range in those musicians.

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