Morning Bash! Orlando’s favorite morning show with Kent, Jeffrey and Jamie on KLSR!

This past March I started working with a fellow named Marcus Parks, the director of comedy at Breakthru Radio (, as the sound designer and post mixer.

I was brought on primarily for two long-term projects: the monthly radio sketch-shows for the outrageous sketch group Murderfist, and sound-designing and writing music for Morning Bash, a parody morning-zoo radio show, performed for the first time at the Creek & Cave in Long Island City this past Saturday.  Morning Bash is fronted by Daniel St. Germain and co-hosted by Michael Terry (Anchor for the Onion News Network) and Brent Sullivan (Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham).

For Morning Bash, I got to do some parodying myself, by writing ridiculous and absurd (but quite good!) music for the parody commercials they wrote for the show.  What I’m sharing with you are a few of the commercials I did.  In addition to the music, I did some sound design, and of course, I mixed them.  Enjoy!

Depression Public Service Announcement

“Manatee Guard:  Hey, I’m an American”

The CW’s “Bonnie Hunt: Bounty Hunter”

“Taste-team:  It’s a Flavor Slamwich 

Man, what a hoot.  If only I could do this all the time.  Thanks for checkin in again.

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