‘Tis Summer, Everyone


“St. Thomas” w/ Sax Intro, Martin Kelley Group, June 14, 2010

Sometimes hearing a particular song at a particular time of the year played in a particular way can be the most amazing thing.  Sonny Rollins’ “St. Thomas”, played calypso by a jazz group, a week before the beginning of summer is just that.

On Day #3 of Anthony Cekay’s residency at LIC Bar, I got a chance to record the opening act, the Martin Kelley Group (on the right, on tenor).  Because I set up Anthony’s sets extra early (I only have about ten minutes before Anthony’s set to make it all word, so preparation is KEY) I was able to just press Record and let the mics do their thing.  How fortuitous (SAT word!)

On a techie and far more boring note, so far I’m loving the way the Rode NT-1A records tenor sax.  Very rich and detailed, just an awesome mid-range and great clarity.  This was also the first time I recorded a trumpet.  I used the Samson C02, an inexpensive workhorse of a pencil condenser mic (I recently bought a stereo pair to record pianos.)  It captured the detail nicely, and it handled the intense dynamics of the instrument surprisingly well.  However, I might opt for a less directional mic next time.  The reason being, despite my pleas to stand in the same spot, the trumpet player just did his thing and moved around all willy-nilly.  Which I actually get — the trumpet seems like a fun prop when you’re in the moment.

Thanks for checking in — be back soon with some mixes from Anthony Cekay’s residency, as well as the mastered mixes of El Chico Blanco!  Man, they’re almost done…

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