A Month of Live Music — with Streaming Video!


This coming June I’ll have the privilege to be a part of a one-of-a-kind live experience: creating the audio mix for four live video-streaming performances.  Naturally, it will be a multi-tracked CD-quality audio mix (in other words not just a camera microphone) and it’s the kind of gig I wish I could be involved in all the time.  The performance is titled “The Spectacular War Museum”, a four-movement opus (one movement per night) written and performed by Brooklyn-based saxophonist Anthony Cekay.  He will be accompanied by, essentially, *the* Long Island City jazz elite:  keyboardist Steve Blanco, drummer Christian Coleman, guitarist Amanda Monaco, and several others (even a string quartet for the final night!)


Learn all about it here from Steve himself.  It’s quite awesome, trust me.


Naturally anyone can swing by LIC Bar to watch the performance, but the beauty of this project is the live video feed. In fact, each performance is held on a Monday.  (A good night to stay in, no?)  So, how can you take part and watch the performance at your computer?  Fuel the project via Anthony’s RocketHub page, here.  (Heh, can’t you just hear the purists murmuring to themselves right now, “Watching a live show over the internet?  Get off your couch and just go to the bar!”  Quiet, old-timer, this is awesome…)


Needless to say, I’m psyched!  A live video stream of a performance, though not unheard of, is surely something that seems aching to become the norm.  And frankly, a 24-bit multi-tracked audio recording to accompany the high-res video certainly makes this project complete in my mind.  After all, it’s far too common to see stellar video with less-than-stellar audio.


I’ll keep you posted on the progress and how it sounds, hopefully with a few snaps.  Jump on board and fuel this project, everyone — this is something truly unique and exciting for all music fans!







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