Artist Spotlight: Michele Riganese of Sunnyside

The first artist spotlight, yes!

I was introduced to Michele Riganese sometime ago by the owner of Flavorlab, the NY-based Audio-Post facility for whom I currently freelance (and where I really honed my chops as an intern).  My job was to record and mix her voice-over reel; it was my first.  At some point during our time recording and editing, our conversation got to “So, are you also a musician?”  I learned Michele was a singer and songwriter with a impressive catalogue of pop-folk tunes that were dying to be recorded and mixed!  And I was a junior engineer trying to get some work with any talented musician who’d let me get their music to tape — er… I mean, Pro Tools.  A few months later we did just that.  Two of the tracks I recorded and mixed, “Hallelujah” and “Cry”, were released on her most recent album, Wishes.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of catching her CD release for Wishes at LIC Bar in Long Island City, Queens (a great spot, you’ll hear more about me at LIC Bar in future posts!)  My favorite track from her performance was the song, “Into the Blue”.

If you like Michele, fret not, she’ll be back on soon enough, as we’re planning on collaborating for her second EP, a more indie-oriented folk/pop venture, slated to be completed next Fall. She also has a website.  See you soon!

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