FloodMix is born!

Hello there beautiful world, my name is FloodMix.. er, I mean Brian Flood.  I’m a traveling recording studio.  I traipse around the city searching for ensembles who need themselves a good recording.  When I’m not traipsing, I’m mixing the music I record (sometime it’s my own music!) or mixing and sound designing short films, comedy radio shows, voice-overs, the list goes on.

FloodMix began when, one day, I realized how much great music goes un-recorded out there.   Pretty much a no-brainer, except I was specifically thinking about these smaller ensembles — jazz groups, singer/songwriters, etc. — who play  quite frequently and play at venues that would never have recording capabilities.  Since I do both recording and mixing, that pretty much makes me a portable one-stop shop.

You can also check out my first EP release “grade-a fancy honey” on this blog (there’s a link up top).  If you want to own it, there’s a link to my bandcamp.com page.

There are loads of great projects coming up, so stay tuned.  Last but not least, if you’d like to have your ensemble recorded by myself, just contact me and we’ll discuss how to make it happen!  Have a great one.

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